Copenhagen Wolves win quick game against Elements

by theScore Staff Jun 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

After snowballing in the early game, the Copenhagen Wolves came out victorious against Elements in a 26-minute match on Friday.

Both groups were 1-4 in the EU LCS Summer Split going into the game, which was Ekko's first appearance of the day.

First Blood went to CW only three minutes in, after a gank caught Tabzz off-guard in the top lane. The same gank repeated itself against the same player in the mid lane, putting CW ahead early on. A few minutes later, a return gank in the top lane went haywire, letting CW take a three-for-two trade.

While CW took their first dragon after the 10-minute mark, Elements secured a third kill. With better vision and a united team front, CW started to snowball early on.

By the mid game, CW had acquired advantages in every objective and was leading 5k in gold. Two more kills for CW left the score at 9-4, allowing the team to slay the Baron. Before the 25-minute mark, CW had broken the enemy base to shatter the bottom inhibitor as well as a nexus turret. Eagerly looking to close the game, they gave up a kill but looped back in to take the remaining nexus turret, leaving the nexus bare.

After getting two more kills, the Copenhagen Wolves finished the game with 11-5 kills and almost 26 minutes on the board.

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