SK Gaming moves to 0-6 after loss to Gambit Gaming

by theScore Staff Jun 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In the fourth game of Week 3, Day 2 of the EU LCS, Gambit Gaming shut down SK Gaming, handing them their sixth loss of the season. The game was a bloody fight that ended in 35 minutes. The victory makes Gambit's record 2-4 in the EU LCS Summer Split.

For the first time this week, Ekko was completely ignored in the pick and bans phase. Instead, interesting picks like Taric — last played in 2013 — for Gambit and Shyvana (for SK) came out.

First Blood went to Gambit less than five minutes in after an extended skirmish in the bottom lane. The play was initiated by SK but backfired, also giving every opponent a CS advantage in the laning phase. Gambit used the momentum to secure an early dragon, then teleported into the top lane to get a second kill — but it started a very long fight that left the kill score at 5-4 in Gambit's favor by the end.

The action continued with each group taking another kill after Gambit destroyed their first turret. By the 15-minute mark, Gambit still had 5-4 kills, as well as 3-0 turrets, 2-0 dragons and a 4k gold lead. Though they were assaulting every lane and chipping away at the towers, they gave up one kill to equalize the score before the mid game.

At the turn of the 20-minute mark, Gambit got a quick kill in the jungle to pull themselves ahead again. In an ensuing fight, they traded one-for-one before meeting their opponents in front of the dragon pit. But Gambit got greedy, losing two champions for getting two towers, and giving up the dragon to SK. Still, Gambit quickly made up for their mistake by trying to sneak the Baron, then retreating to move the kill score to 9-8 to secure a 6k gold lead.

Gambit went for the Baron again, getting two kills then securing the buff. They knocked down the final inner turret before the turn of the 30-minute mark, then broke into the enemy base by getting the mid inhibitor and a kill.

They backed off to kill an uncontested third dragon, before knocking on the enemy door to trade a death for the bottom inhibitor. In the final push, Gambit turned around to score an ace in the enemy base.

The kill score at 17-9, Gambit shattered the red Nexus and finished the game after 35 minutes.

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