H2K-Gaming demolish Unicorns of Love, move to 5-1

by theScore Staff Jun 12 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

H2K-Gaming defeated the Unicorns of Love with ease on Friday.

Though they fought hard and stole two dragons during the 34-minute game, the loss leaves UoL with a 3-3 record on the season.

In the most anticipated match of the day, the Unicorns locked in a jungle Ekko, and then added in Maokai, Orianna, Sivir and Annie. H2K answered with Rumble, Gragas, Loulou, Jinx and Thresh.

In a fight in the top lane, H2K shed First Blood before the turn of the 4-minute mark. The battle kept raging, letting UoL get a kill of their own before H2K grabbed a second.

By the 10-minute mark, H2K had grabbed control of the early game with a 4-1 kill lead, two turrets versus one and an early dragon. UoL managed to at least annoy their enemies by executing an early dragon steal to deny H2K their second buff.

But the snowball turned into an avalanche for H2K, who beat back the Unicorns after UoL initiated a fight that gave them a turret, but gave H2K a four-for-one trade. The group had a 5k gold lead at the 17 minute, when they were equal in everything but kills and gold. After three more kills (for the cost of one), H2K destroyed their fifth turret then secured a second dragon buff.

In the mid game, UoL snagged two free kills then traded one-for-one. The pace of the game slowed until the 29 minute, when H2K traded four-for-one and finally took the Baron. Two minutes later, H2K and their purple minions were breaking the base and demolishing the mid inhibitor.

Once H2K went in for their fourth dragon, UoL managed to steal the buff for the second time in the game.

But an angry H2K team came barreling down the bottom lane to answer, getting four kills, then an ace to end the game after 34 minutes and with 22-8 kills.

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