Team 8 get first win of the Summer against Enemy eSports

by theScore Staff Jun 13 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In a very close match on Saturday, Team 8 managed to pull themselves ahead of Enemy eSports to get their first win of the Summer Split.

The groups went into the match with NME holding a 2-2 record, while Team 8 was 0-4.

In the first NA LCS game where Ekko was available, the champion was first-picked by NME for the mid lane.

Just after the four-minute mark, each team took a turret of their own, but Team 8 got ahead slightly by sneaking an early dragon. They took more control in the laning phase by meeting their enemies in the top lane, where T8 aggressively turret dove to shed First Blood and get two more quick kills.

After T8 used the momentum to destroy a turret, NME shifted to the mid lane to answer with three kills of their own. The groups continued to trade near-fatal punches in the early game, where they were very equal. By the time the mid game rolled around, NME was ahead 2-1 in dragons and ahead in vision control, but even otherwise.

It took until the 22 minutes for the next bout of violence, when the groups traded two-for-two. By the 30-minute mark, after a four-for-one trade for Team 8 behind the Baron pit, the players collapsed onto pit to secure the buff and Team 8 finally pulled themselves ahead.

Soon after, NME managed an equalizing fight in the bottom lane to make the kill score 9-9, tying the game back up until the 37 minute mark, when T8 tried a bold comeback with their second Baron attempt. Snagging the buff just in time, they engaged in a fight outside of the pit that gave them three free kills.

T8 used the momentum to rush down the mid lane and shatter the blue mid inhibitor, then swept through the nexus turrets while getting a fourth kill. Looking to close the game though their enemies had respawned, two T8 players sacrificed themselves as their teammates destroyed the blue team's nexus, ending the game at 38 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She misses the days when Maroon 5 was good. You can follow her on Twitter.