Team Dignitas pull off miracle comeback against Team SoloMid

by theScore Staff Jun 13 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Both teams were 3-1 in the NA LCS Summer Split loading onto the rift, and it looked like Team SoloMid would be the one to get ahead as they played a more objective-focused game. But Team Dignitas capitalized on the mistakes of their opponents, getting three Barons to none, and ultimately pulling a miracle comeback in a volatile and close game.

In the pick and bans phase, Team SoloMid got the crowd behind them after picking both Bard (support) and Ekko (mid) during the draft.

The laning phase progressed quite slowly, with both groups farming up and TSM grabbing an early lead with a turret. Over ambitious, three TSM players dove under a mid turret to execute a gank onto Shiphtur, but ended up giving up First Blood instead.

Dignitas got another kill before the 10-minute mark, this time in the bottom lane. But with two turrets down for none, they were falling behind in gold, which TSM took advantage of with a kill of their own. At the 15-minute mark, DIG scored three more kills at the cost of one as well as their first dragon.

At the turn of the mid game, TSM took a third tower and a kill but gave DIG their first turret of the game. An epic team fight in the mid lane saw both teams peel effectively, trading top laners, before meeting again in front of the dragon to give DIG the dragon and leave the kill score at 8-8.

DIG successfully snuck the Baron a few minutes later, which TSM tried to answer with a two-for-one trade in the ensuing fight. This still left TSM ahead in every way except for dragons (1-2) and Baron (0-1).

With the game ticking towards the late game, the score was still really close even though TSM had a 5k gold lead. TSM pulled themselves further ahead after trading four-for-one in a skirmish in the mid lane.

TSM used their time to take the mid inhibitor, but were caught off-guard by DIG taking their third Baron. TSM answered with a second dragon, and prisoned the baron-buffed team in the base thanks to the 7-3 turret count.

That's when DIG pulled off a miracle comeback in the next fight, getting three kills (for one) that inspired them to run down the mid lane. Tearing through the mid inhibitor, DIG looked to end the game by attacking the nexus turrets.

They lost two men in the process, but ultimately succeeded in taking down the TSM nexus at 43 minutes into the game.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.