Team Liquid moves to 4-1 after beating Cloud9

by theScore Staff Jun 13 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

A long game on Saturday saw Team Liquid slowly but surely get ahead of Cloud9, whose loss leaves them 1-4 in the NA LCS Summer Split.

For the third time in the day, Ekko was picked for the blue side (Team Liquid), but locked into jungle for the first.

Team Liquid took First Blood in the bottom lane early on, but Cloud9 sought to answer with the first uncontested dragon. The groups exchanged a kill each then met again around the dragon pit, to put TL ahead after a three-for-one trade.

Going into the mid game, after netting another kill then securing better vision control around the map, Team Liquid took two turrets while Cloud9 grabbed one. Team Liquid then took the first dragon uncontested, not willing to give C9 their third buff. Unrelenting and aggressive, Team Liquid chased their opponents to the base and dove under inhibitor turrets to take three free kills.

With three Cloud9 members down, TL used this time to go in for the Baron, but Balls came in just in time to steal the buff and trade one-for-one.

C9 used the momentum to get a turret, their third dragon and jungle dominance. Although still down 5-10 in kills, they were almost even in gold and looked to make a comeback at the turn of the 30-minute mark. Unfortunately for C9 fans Team Liquid had other plans, grabbing two free kills in the next fight, which they used to take a nice bite out of the red base.

Another fight took things from bad to worse for Cloud9, who got one kill but gave up an ace and a Baron to Team Liquid.

TL then took the mid inhibitor for a second time in the game, looping towards the bottom soon after, before collapsing onto their opponents to secure two more kills. The game ended in a final score of 23-8 for Team Liquid, after 40 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She wonders: if a team steals a Baron and loses, does anyone hear the Baron fall? You can follow her on Twitter.