Team Dragon Knights lose 0-18 to Team Impulse, move to 0-5

by theScore Staff Jun 13 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Team Impulse absolutely decimated Team Dragon Knights on Saturday, not letting their opponents get any kills and finishing the game 18-0 in almost 30 minutes.

For the second week on the season, TDK was forced play without the ability to ban, after submitting a roster that didn't pan out due to Ninja and Emperor still not being in the country. This also meant that for the third consecutive week of the NA LCS Summer Split, TDK was playing with two subs in the mid and AD Carry roles.

For the first time in the day, Ekko was completely ignored in the pick and bans phase. Instead, TDK put Dr. Mundo in the top lane while TIP got their hands on their fifth Sivir of the split (meaning that Apollo hasn't had to play another champion yet this season).

TDK secured an early dragon before the turn of the fourth minute, but it gave TIP an opportunity to take the first tower of the game. A few minutes later, TIP got First Blood in the mid lane.

TIP got another kill soon after, in the bottom lane this time, while also getting a CS lead on each player. After the 10-minute mark, their early lead grew even further with two more kills after a turret dive in the bottom lane. This also gave them their first two turrets (versus none) as well as a dragon.

The aggressive and punishing style of TIP was too much for TDK, who were down 0-5 in kills and 0-3 in towers before the 15-minute mark. TIP was invading the enemy jungle at this time, establishing impressive vision control and stacking items.

By the 20-minute mark, TIP had snowballed out of control and led 8-0 in kills. Only a minute later, the score moved to 11-0 as TIP broke the enemy base to destroy the bottom inhibitor turret. They backed off to heal, not risking giving up a death, then came back to get the bottom inhibitor. They retreated yet again, this time to get the Baron and more kills, then took the top red inhibitor after 28 minutes.

TIP looped around to get the only remaining inhibitor, and with the kill score at 18-0, they finished the game before 30 minutes.

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