Counter Logic Gaming explode past Gravity, improve to 4-1

by theScore Staff Jun 13 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Counter Logic Gaming used an early lead to get ahead of Gravity in their game on Saturday, scoring two aces and ending the game 23-9 in 30 minutes.

Both squads were 3-1 in the NA LCS Summer Split going into the match.

Counter Logic Gaming chose many new (or newly-buffed) champions, picking Ekko, Ashe and Bard. Gravity's surprise was in their positions, with Rumble going to the mid lane and Jarvan IV taking jungle.

A four-versus-four in the jungle gave three free kills to CLG, who shed First Blood against the enemy bard only four minutes into the game.

Gravity got onto the board with their first kill in the 13 minute, but CLG had stretched their lead massively in the meantime with 5-1 kills, two free turrets, an uncontested dragon and a 5k gold lead.

Except for another kill and tower for CLG, not much had changed by the time the mid game rolled around. Then, with CLG taking the Tier 2 turret in the bottom lane, the groups butted heads in a very long fight that ended with a four-for-four trade.

A sixth kill for Gravity left the team confident enough to take a mid turret of their own, putting them in the middle of a fight that traded three-for-two in favor of CLG, who used it to score a turret and their third dragon. The next fight, at the turn of the minute 27, gave a confident CLG squad an ace at the cost of one death. Leaps and bounds ahead, CLG slayed the Baron and started powering down the mid lane with the kill score at 18-9.

After getting the mid inhibitor, CLG looped around to get four free kills, shatter the bottom inhibitor and score their second ace of the game. The score at 23-9, they ended the game right after the 30-minute mark.

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