Cloud9 defeats Team 8, move to 2-4 in Summer Split

by theScore Staff Jun 14 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

After temporarily losing their lead to Team 8, Cloud9 won a number of strong team fights and managed to win their second game of the summer season Sunday.

Helping them secure the win was LemonNation's Karma, who racked up 17 assists and helped lead Sneaky to a 10/1/7 KDA.

First Blood was secure by Cloud9's newest member, Incarnati0n, in the mid lane after a mistake by Slooshi8. But an immediate reaction on Reddit, as well as a Tweet by NA LCS analyst Zirene fueled the idea that the glory was tainted by a bug on Azir's ultimate that went through Incarnati0n without inflicting damage.

Zirene later clarified that the situation was a result of abilities cancelling each other.

Meanwhile, T8 tried to gain an early advantage with the first dragon, but Cloud9 used the time to widen their gold lead with a consistent CS advantage. After a second kill, they destroyed the game's first turret to put themselves substantially ahead.

However, at around the 20-minute mark, Cloud9 made a huge mistake by overstaying their welcome in a team fight that gave Team 8 a five-for-two trade. T8 used the opportunity to down two turrets, and with the kill score in their favor at 6-4, secured their second dragon. Outside of the pit, Cloud9 got a kill of their own and destroyed their fifth tower.

Punishingly aggressive, Cloud9 completely turned around the game again with three kills in the top lane. With the score favoring them at 8-6, they downed the top inhibitor, then traded two-for-one in the mid lane to give them the mid inhibitor as well. T8 was trying to trade the dragon for this, but was interrupted by Balls.

The second-to-last last fight of the match happened before the turn of the 29th minute, when Cloud9 scored an ace that allowed them to take a nexus turret. With the kill score at 17-9, C9 made the final push into the enemy base for another four kills and the victory.

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