Team Dragon Knights still winless following loss to Team SoloMid

by theScore Staff Jun 14 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Team Dragon Knights lost their sixth straight game of the Summer Split on Sunday in a close game that lasted nearly 48 minutes against Team SoloMid.

For the third week this season, TDK was forced to play with two subs in the mid and AD Carry positions due to their starters' visa issues. In the pick and bans phase, TSM last-picked Ekko for the mid lane.

After a lot of do-or-die aggression in the top lane, TDK's Seraph got First Blood against Dyrus. But TSM put themselves on the board a few minutes later with a kill against the enemy Yasuo, and then a five-man turret dive that gave them a second kill in the bottom lane. The first team fight of the match came at the 18 minute mark in behind the Baron pit, where an extended skirmish gave TSM a four-for-three trade.

After another kill, TSM had pulled themselves ahead in every way with the kill score at 8-4, turret count 3-1, a 4k gold lead, and dragons two-to-none. The groups continued the action by trading punches in the mid game, with TDK winning a couple of team fights to reduce the gold gap. By the 30 minute mark, TSM still had the edge in kills with the score at 12-9, and TDK's hopes for an equalizer went out the window after TSM took the Baron and completed an ace that left their Ekko at 8/4/4.

With all red outer turrets down, versus only two blue, TSM started closing in on TDK's base with the kill score at 17-11. But it still took them another four kills and until the 42 minute to break the base, taking the mid inhibitor before retreating for a fourth dragon.

Though TSM was ahead 21-13 and 11k in gold at this point, they were still struggling hard to close the game against a 0-5 team playing with two subs. They needed another Baron to take the top inhibitor, scoring an ace (at the cost of their 12/6/7 Ekko's life) to end the game in almost 48 minutes.

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