Team Liquid win a close game against Team Impulse

by theScore Staff Jun 14 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Team Liquid won their game against Team Impulse on Sunday, keeping their cool to play a controlled match against their usually chaotic opponents.

In the NA LCS match of the week, Apollo was banned off of his Sivir for the first time this season, which led him to first-pick Kalista instead. Team Liquid's Piglet answered with a Tristana pick.

Chaos erupted in the top lane before the five-minute mark gave TIP an advantage, granting them First Blood and then a one-for-one trade.

TIP took a third kill seconds later by hiding in the fog and collapsing onto Quas, but Team Liquid answered almost immediately with two kills of their own. Meanwhile, Team Liquid had a consistent CS lead in the laning phase. At the 10-minute mark, TIP took a three-for-two trade in the bottom lane but soon fell behind in gold due to an extra turret and a first dragon for TL.

By the time the mid game rolled around, TIP was showing more aggression than their opponents but TL peeled too effectively to give up a fight. It took until the 25 minute, when TL was ahead two dragons to none and 3-2 in towers, for the teams to meet again in the mid lane for TL to equalize the kills 6-6. But TIP's signature aggression wasn't quelled, letting them trade three-for-one seconds later. It took several minutes for another face-off, which TL used to equalize the kills — again — at 9-9 and take the Baron uncontested.

The final fight of the game happened 34 minutes in, when TL broke the enemy base after a three-for-one trade.

The kill score in their favor at 12-10, Team Liquid rallied to rush down the mid lane and shatter the nexus after 35 minutes.

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