Gravity torch Team Dignitas in 38 minute objective-focused game

by theScore Staff Jun 14 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Gravity were absolutely dominant in their Sunday afternoon match against Team Dignitas, only giving their opponents four kills and four turrets before finishing the game in almost 38 minutes.

Gravity's success was a result of their objective-focused and composed style, which saw them peel from Dignitas' aggression in the early game until they had snowballed enough to dominate team fights. By the end of the match, Hauntzer was 7/2/3 while Altec was 6/1/7.

DIG overextended in the top lane seven minutes into the match, letting Gravity punish them by effortlessly closing in to shed First Blood and get a second kill.

Another quick dive in the bottom lane gave Gravity two more kills, letting them snowball to take a turret, a dragon and a fifth kill. DIG attempted to answer with a kill and tower of their own, but they seemed to be falling behind in the laning phase with lower CS scores, a gold deficit and inferior vision.

DIG was blindly aggressive in the early game, initiating onto Gravity but being kept at bay for the most part. When Gravity did engage, they were united and confident as a team, aware enough of the advantages and weaknesses of their comp to never overstay their welcome.

By the mid game, Gravity was ahead 8-3 in kills, 3-1 in turrets and 2-0 in dragons. But they still respected their opponents enough to play cautiously, concentrating instead on gradually securing objectives — such as the third dragon and a fourth turret. The next eruption of violence came at the 32 minute, when a fight in the mid lane gave Gravity a free ace.

Gravity rushed down the lane to melt the inhibitor, taking both nexus turrets and even damaging the nexus before being chased away by their respawned opponents. The next few minutes allowed DIG to take a kill and a turret, but Gravity slayed the Baron in the meantime. While DIG took their fourth turret, Gravity tried to race to the base. DIG recalled just in time, but were still powerless against their frightening enemies, who took three free kills and finished the game 17-4 in almost 38 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.