Counter Logic Gaming's logical strategies defeat Enemy eSports

by theScore Staff Jun 14 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Counter Logic Gaming played a close 48-minute game against Enemy eSports on Sunday, finally coming out ahead of their opponents after three Barons and 19-15 kills.

The match see-sawed between the teams in the early and mid games, when NME monopolized dragon control but fell behind in team fights. In the late game, NME started to win more skirmishes but CLG still came out on top due to better turret pressure and initiations.

The first minute of the game saw the teams face-off in the top jungle, where CLG shed First Blood but quickly gave up a kill of their own.

An over extension by NME in the top lane allowed CLG to get two free kills after the teams exchanged turrets. By the 10-minute mark, the bleeding had continued with the kill score at 4-2 in favor of CLG, who had lost a dragon but were up 2k in gold. But before the 15-minute mark, NME equalized the kills 4-4 before securing a second dragon buff. They soon turned the match around with two more free kills, leading in gold for the first time in the game.

CLG took back the gold lead with their first dragon, higher CS scores and a kill onto Flaresz going into the mid game. The action slowed after the 20-minute mark, picking up again seven minutes later when CLG got the Baron but gave up two-for-one in the river. Though the score was on the side of NME at 9-8, CLG managed to poke into the top lane to get two kills and the inhibitor turret.

Around the 35 minute, when NME made the mistake of going for a fourth dragon, CLG snuck into the Baron pit and secured the objective before meeting their enemies to trade an advantageous three-for-two.

CLG broke the enemy base to get the mid inhibitor as well as another kill. At the turn of the 40-minute mark, with the kill score at 14-12 for CLG, the group pushed back their opponents before taking the dragon — to deny NME their fifth potential buff. After a second Baron and a kill, chaos exploded on the map as NME won a team fight to deal damage to the enemy base but couldn't get any towers.

Again contesting NME's fifth dragon, CLG met their enemies in front of the pit to trade four-for-two in the final fight of the match. The kill score at 19-15 and 48 minutes on the clock, CLG finally shattered the enemy nexus to finish the game.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She is irreversibly addicted to jalapeno chips. You can follow her on Twitter.