Gambit Gaming's innovative lineup destroys Giants Gaming in 29 minutes

by theScore Staff Jun 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

In a 29-minute match on Thursday, Gambit Gaming wrecked Giants Gaming after an early CS lead snowballed into better power spikes and a turret-focused game.

Giants Gaming shed First Blood early on in the bottom lane, snagging two quick kills to pull themselves ahead before the five-minute mark. Though the Giants got another kill soon, they weren't much ahead in gold due to the consistent CS advantage of Gambit in the early game.

Gambit put themselves on the board with a kill against Werlyb 12 minutes in, now with a large gold lead after taking down the first turret of the game while stretching their CS advantage.

At the turn of the mid game, after an amazing team fight from Gambit gave the team three free kills, they had firmly taken the lead with an advantage of 6-4 in kills, 4-1 in towers and 7k in gold. Though they had given the Giants two uncontested dragons, Gambit were much more focused on lane and turret pressure in the early and mid games.

By the 22 minute, with a seventh death distracting their enemies, Gambit took an uncontested Baron to pull their gold lead to 10k. Only two minutes later, they came knocking at the enemy door and took the top blue inhibitor after taking the kill score to 9-6.

For much of the mid game, the Giants were detained in their own base with Gambit chipping away at inhibitor turrets. Desperately scrambling for an equalizer, the Giants initiated a fight in the bottom lane that gave their opponents a three-for-one.

Gambit used the opportunity to rush into the base, trading one-for-one before ending the game 13-8 in 29 minutes.

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