Elements' mid-game fights help secure a win over Team ROCCAT

by theScore Staff Jun 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Team ROCCAT lost their early game lead in their match against Elements on Thursday, making fatal mistakes that let their opponents take absolute control in the mid game.

This was Team ROCCAT's first game for their newest player, MrRallez, who replaced Woolite as the team's AD Carry. MrRallez ended the match at 1/1/1.

ROCCAT used the early game to intimidate their opponents in lane, taking a CS advantage and the first dragon uncontested.

The teams exchanged turrets in the laning phase, not managing any profitable ganks or fights before the turn of the mid game. Elements chose to take a third turret, letting ROCCAT secure their second dragon undisturbed. A minute later, Elements managed to shed First Blood in the river thanks to a mistake by their opponents.

Both teams took a kill soon after, with Elements now equalizing the gold. The next real fight happened outside of the dragon pit, where Elements' tankier and team-fight focused comp traded two-for-one and took their first dragon.

Yet another mistake by ROCCAT in the river let Elements grab their fifth kill, start on the Baron, then retreat to take a sixth kill. They used the momentum to secure the mid Tier 2 turret, grabbing the lead in everything but dragons (1-2).

Things went from bad to worse for ROCCAT, who were executing inferior team fights and had lost control of the vision war in the mid game. At the 35-minute mark, ahead 8-2 in kills, Elements were controlling the map with their mid laner Froggen (Vladimir) having 100 per cent kill participation at 6/0/2.

Once they'd taken the Baron uncontested, Elements punched down the top lane to take three free kills and the inhibitor.

The kill score on their side at 11-2, with their opponents hopelessly watching, Elements melted the nexus and ended the game in 38 minutes.

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