Fnatic's high aggression picks pay off big in win over Origen

by Daniel Rosen Jun 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Fan favorite Fnatic made some strange choices going ahead of their big game against Origen, with aggressive picks like Olaf, while Origen played with a safer, more balanced team comp.

The game still managed to kick off with a bloodbath, as Origen grouped up around the river and took the fight straight to Fnatic. No one dropped, but it was early proof that the two best teams in Europe weren't afraid to slug it out at every stage of the match.

Fnatic let Huni stick to the bottom lane, letting him build up the XP that would be so critical to his aggressive late-game plays, while they went and killed the first dragon of the game. In response, Origen took a tower, but Amazing soon got entirely surrounded by FNC, leading to the game's second team fight in less than ten minutes.

Huni picked up First Blood and ended that team fight with a four-for-one trade in Fnatic's favor and ended up spearheading their lead for the rest of the game. At seven minutes in, it was 4-2 for Fnatic, with towers and gold even.

Origen kept slipping behind in kills as Niels got pinned by most of Fnatic, but they managed to flip the script by stealing a dragon kill from Fnatic and kicking off yet another teamfight. Niels took down Febiven, xPeke was offed in response, but Fnatic managed to make it out without too much of a loss and maintained a 7-4 lead at 15 minutes in.

The aggression and momentum just kept building as Fnatic kept applying pressure. They pushed Origen back and then dashed at the baron before Origen could reply, then won the team fight, pushing them back far enough again to get a dragon on top of it all.

Fnatic then pushed into Origen's base for the first time, and pushed their opponent's back to the wall, barely taking damage as they pushed through their inhibitors. After 37 minutes, it was 15-5 for Fnatic, with a 10k gold lead.

Soaz tried initiating a Hail Mary team fight, but Fnatic kept disengaging until they were certain they had enough to make one last push. Eventually, Huni ripped through xPeke before being taken down by Niels. It wasn't enough though, as Rekkles put down Amazing, Reignover took out Soaz, and Fnatic took the nexus and, eventually, the game.