SK Gaming break their losing streak by taking down the Unicorns of Love

by Daniel Rosen Jun 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

SK Gaming managed to eke out a win after a close game against the Unicorns of Love Thursday, finally breaking their six loss streak.

The game started slow, with Svenskeren taking first blood (his first of the split) and showing off more confidence from SK than their losing streak would suggest. SK maintained a very slight 1k gold lead for most of the early game, continuously popping in to engage and then quickly disengaging before much damage could be done.

Svenskeren was pinned by Kikis and Hylissang, and tried to chrono break out, but Vizicsacsi was waiting right there to grab the kill. SK's held on to the lead though, as their unique team composition forced UoL into patterns they could take advantage of. UoL came together and took down a tower in the middle lane, then overextended the advantage and ended up in a team fight that cost them two kills, bringing the kills to a tie at 17 minutes.

When the chaos settled, it was 5-6 for UoL, but they were still behind on gold and towers. Unicorns of Love took their second dragon, and made headway towards their second tower. Svenskeren put in a good amount of jungle work, but it wasn't enough to scare UoL away.

Both teams looked like they were missing direction, and neither was making significant headway against the other, but Freddy122 got pinned by Hylissang which led to a massive team fight which led to Vizicsacsi getting a kill on Freddy122 as soon as his ultimate ran out. UoL chased down SK, with PowerOfEvil catching CandyPanda, and leading his team towards a third tower.

Every time the chaos died down, UoL kept coming out with the control. At 25 minutes, both teams secured the outer turrets, with an 8-5 lead for UoL, 2 dragons, and 1k gold.

Hylissang went out hunting, while the rest of his team took on their third dragon, further pushing their slight lead. They quickly initiated, as PowerofEvil grabbed two kills and a tower, bringing them up to 11-7. Kikis brought down CandyPanda as PowerOfEvil nabbed Fox, bringing down SKs biggest damage dealers down as UoL kept up the teamfight, before disengaging as Freddy pushed them back. Their lead was still safe, but small as they approached the Baron. SK looked to interfere and took down a tower. Unfortunately for them, UoL weren't dissuaded from bringing down the baron. They couldn't quite finish it off before SK forced them back again, and went to try the Baron themselves.

Freddy122 broke off, and went deep to take down an inhibitor, and super minions started flooding the bottom lane as SK pulled that slight lead into their favor. SK proceeded to bring down their first dragon, before UoL went back to the Baron for one last try, finally managing to bring it down. Engaging in another risky team fight, UoL pulled control back for a 15-10 lead, with a 3k gold advantage.

UoL decided it was time to push deeper and engaged SK in their base, but Freddy went mega, keeping UoL at bay. However, it wasn't enough to keep their towers secure. Power of Evil brought down CandyPanda, but Freddy and Svenskeren managed to hold their ground and bring down Kikis, pushing UoL back.

SK dug in their heels and managing to win the fight just before UoL overwhelmed them.

The fight moved to the fifth dragon of the game at 40 minutes, with Sven stealing the dragon kill from UoL, leading to yet another team fight, with SK chasing Vardags back into UoL's base. SK took down an inhibitor, then the turrets, and decided to capitalize on the opening, bringing down the nexus after taking the fight all the way back across the rift, breaking their losing streak.