H2k-Gaming look dominant against the Copenhagen Wolves, move to 6-1

by theScore Staff Jun 18 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

H2k-Gaming is second only to Fnatic in the standings after absolutely dominating their game against the Copenhagen Wolves, whom they defeated in 27 minutes on Thursday.

First Blood was shed within the first minute of the game, when H2K caught Freeze's Caitlyn in the jungle before chasing and turret diving her.

The early game action continued with CW securing the first dragon in less than four minutes, which H2K traded for the first turret. The groups kept exchanging punches, turret diving and pursuing their enemies with no respect for the laning phase. By the 10-minute mark, the bloodshed had left H2K in the lead with 4-2 in kills, 2-0 in towers and 3k in gold.

Five minutes later, H2K had added one more kill, a third tower and a dragon to their score — having only allowed CW a dragon in objectives. H2K had much better ward control, while their opponents could scarcely sneak into the red jungle to establish any vision at all.

The first real team fight of the match came at the 23 minute mark, when the groups met in the mid lane to allow a calculating H2K squad four free kills, their seventh turret and the mid inhibitor.

Seconds later, H2K broke into the enemy base again to get two more kills and the top inhibitor, before crushing their enemies in the ensuing team fight to end the game with 14-3 kills and almost 27 minutes on the board.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She ships Hjarnan/kaSing. You can follow her on Twitter.