SK Gaming get methodical victory over Team ROCCAT

by theScore Staff Jun 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS Screengrab / Riot Games

SK Gaming's second win of the EU LCS Summer Split came against Team ROCCAT on Friday, in a punishing and aggressive match that saw them win for the second time this season.

SK went for a safe late-game lineup, while ROCCAT looked to turn their luck around with no repeat champions from their lost game on Thursday. It took until the 13 minute for SK to shed First Blood against the enemy mid laner.

ROCCAT's early game was very defensive, which was potentially dangerous given the better scaling comp of their opponents. ROCCAT showed their awareness of this weakness by turning their style around at the 15-minute mark, when the team grabbed a kill and their second turret, but it might have already been too late as SK was still the more punishing team in the early game.

By the time the mid game rolled around, SK was slightly ahead with the kills at 2-1, but ROCCAT was keeping up in gold with two uncontested dragons. But their submissive style backfired in the mid game, when SK started collapsing on their enemies and securing better vision.

After the 30-minute mark, SK slayed their fourth dragon, now ahead in every way with the kill score at 6-2, and met their enemies in the top jungle to trade four-for-one.

SK quickly rushed into the Baron pit to use the opportunity, securing the buff before killing the annoying enemy jungler. In the next few minutes, SK looked much better than they had all season in their unforgiving team fights. As the timer ticked towards the late game, SK pulled themselves ahead 6k in gold, 15-4 in kills and 6-4 in towers.

But the late game never came, as ROCCAT tried a last desperation fight close to the dragon pit to keep SK from getting a fifth dragon. Only giving up one kill to their opponents, SK punished ROCCAT with an ace that included a Quadra Kill for their mid laner Fox (on Cassiopeia).

Ignoring the dragon, SK rushed up the mid lane to melt an inhibitor and end the game 20-5 in 39 minutes.

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