H2k-Gaming dismantle Giants Gaming, move to 7-1 in the summer split

by theScore Staff Jun 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

H2k-Gaming won a disciplined, one-sided match against Giants Gaming on Friday in almost 31 minutes.

The winning team looked fearless throughout, starting out with several aggressive ganks and turret dives that let them easily snowball their way to victory.

H2K had very solid, versatile picks while GIA's lineup was more unique with Ezreal in mid and Ekko on top.

Before the five-minute mark, H2K pulled off a five-versus-four in the top lane to let Hjarnan grab First Blood.

Seconds later, H2K caught their enemies off guard again to take a second kill, now ahead in gold thanks to an early turret.

GIA's seemed collected in theory, controlling their jungles and laning, but their weakness was in not changing their strategy despite their early losses. H2K took advantage of this failure, ignoring lanes early on to group and collapse on their enemies. Their amazing shot-calling had taken the kill score to 7-1 by the 15-minute mark, when H2K had a huge 5k gold lead.

At this point, H2K started to play the game by the books by sweeping through the jungles, securing vision, pushing in lanes and poking down turrets. They had taken all outer turrets before the 21 minute, when they had a 9-2 kill lead, a 6-1 turret lead and a 9k gold lead.

With a slow and calculated style, H2K waited for a mistake by their opponents to give them two kills before securing the Baron buff, then getting two more kills in the river. They broke the enemy base but retreated after trading one-for-one, before coming back to trade three-for-one and melt the top inhibitor.

By the 30-minute mark, H2K made the final push to take an ace at the cost of their top laner's life. Powering through the nexus turrets, they ended the game 21-5 in kills after almost 31 minutes to improve their season record to 6-1.

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