Fnatic remain undefeated after torching the Copenhagen Wolves

by theScore Staff Jun 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS Screengrab / Riot Games

Fnatic were absolutely dominant in their game against the Copenhagen Wolves on Friday, playing a surgical match that ended 22-4 after almost 31 minutes — leaving Fnatic 8-0 in the EU LCS Summer Split.

The pick and bans phase saw the rise of many buffed champions, especially on the side of the Wolves, who took Ekko, Jayce and Caitlyn.

CW held their own in the laning phase, when their warding saved them from giving up First Blood and gave them a slight CS advantage. It took until the turn of the 10 minute for First Blood, which came out of an epic fight close to the dragon that gave Fnatic a three-for-one.

Fnatic chased the enemy top laner to take a fourth kill, exploding into the lead with the first turret and first dragon. A turret dive in the bottom lane seconds later put Fnatic in the driver's seat, giving them two free kills, a second tower and a 4k gold lead.

The superiority of Fnatic as a team was clear from the start, with flawless fights and continuous pokes. Their wards were all over the jungle, and aggressive dives that would have backfired for any other team — or any other player but Huni — rewarded Fnatic with dominance in the early game.

The group was leading 7k in gold by the 20-minute mark, not having allowed CW anything but a kill (versus eight) and a turret (versus four) thus far. Things went from bad to worse for CW in the mid game, when Fnatic took two more kills and went for the Baron, but traded three-for-two and had to back off.

Three more kills by the 27 minute left Fnatic in the Baron pit again, this time getting the Buff and slaying the interrupting CW jungler. Ahead 18-3 in kills and a third dragon empowering them, Fnatic broke the blue base to melt two inhibitors. Ahead 8-1 in turrets and 16k in gold, Fnatic made the final push to trade four-for-one and end the game in 31 minutes.

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