Unicorns of Love use mid-game spikes to squash Gambit Gaming

by theScore Staff Jun 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EULCS Screengrab / Riot Games

After a fairly even early game, the Unicorns of Love managed to pull themselves far ahead in the mid game to defeat Gambit Gaming 11-2 in less than 30 minutes.

The Unicorns had a good amount of wave-clear and team-fight potential on their team, while Gambit chose an AD Carry — Lucian — that has gone 0-9 (now 0-10) this season.

The Unicorns got First Blood early on with a gank on Betsy.

The teams continued to trade punches in the laning phase, with UoL taking an early dragon and a second kill. Both groups had mistake-riddled early games, but the Unicorns managed better itemization and a slight CS lead to pull themselves ahead.

In the mid game, UoL started to grow their lead with a third dragon and third kill before the 23 minute. They tried to sneak the Baron at this time, securing the buff just in time to grab a fourth free kill. With their purple minions, they pushed down the top lane and broke the enemy base after taking an inhibitor turret.

Now far ahead, UoL traded three-for-two in an extended team fight in the bottom lane, allowing them to take two inhibitors after getting another kill in the enemy base.

After getting their ninth kill (versus one) in the blue base, they group retreated only to come back through the mid lane.

Having taken all three inhibitors, with the kill score in their favor 11-2, UoL finished the game in nearly 30 minutes.

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