Origen rise above Elements after grueling 48-minute match

by theScore Staff Jun 19 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of EU LCS Screengrab / Riot Games

It may have taken 48 minutes, three Barons and five dragons, but Origen managed to defeat Elements to cap off Week 4 on Friday.

Though Origen was leading in the mid game, Elements allowed their opponents to take the Baron in exchange for a mid inhibitor. This was the turning point for Elements, who fought valiantly and almost made a comeback after winning a skirmish in their own base.

But Origen secured a third Baron and the first Aspect of the Dragon of the EU LCS Summer Split, finally winning the match to improve their season to 7-1 — tying them with H2k-Gaming for second place.

Origen started to annoy their opponents as soon as they were on the rift, with stolen jungle buffs and a slight CS lead. Elements answered by shedding First Blood in the top lane.

Though Origen took the first dragon uncontested, Elements pulled themselves ahead slightly by taking a second kill. Origen fell behind in CS heading into the mid game, but they felt safe having two free dragons and three (versus two) turrets.

Before the 20-minute mark, Origen engaged onto their enemies in the mid lane to equalize the kills 2-2. They allowed Elements to get their first dragon, then baited their enemies near the Baron twice to trade four-for-one. The kill score in their favor at 6-3, Origen gained a 3k gold lead but had to give up their Baron aspirations.

The next skirmish came at the 29 minute, after Origen got the Baron and two kills.

The game dissolved into chaos after this fight, with Elements trading the Baron for the mid inhibitor. Origen immediately answered by taking the top red inhibitor, leaving the 10-5 kill score and 7-5 turret count in their favor.

Elements effectively slowed down their opponents, clearing the waves with their powerful Hecarim and Corki. Though Origen were ahead 7k in gold 32 minutes in, they couldn't deal more damage to the enemy base and instead concentrated on buffs. But Elements contested Origen's dragon attempt, trading two-for-one and taking the buff for themselves before knocking at the enemy door.

Origen still managed to come out ahead, punishing Elements' over ambition with two more kills and another Baron. They turned the pressure back on for Elements heading into the late game, when Origen had 14-8 kill and 10k gold leads.

Before the 42 minute, Origen managed to take down all three red inhibitors — and nine towers — but didn't take the risk of closing out the game, retreating to heal. In what they thought would be the final push, they came into the base to kill the respawned bottom inhibitor, then engaged in a fight that exchanged four-for-four.

But Froggen stayed alive long enough to score Elements an ace, nearly losing his nexus to minions but clearing the waves just in time.

The kill score still favoring them 18-13, Origen took their third Baron and fifth dragon before rushing up the mid lane. They traded another four-for-one, then swept the base to finish the game 22-14 in 48 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She thinks she's pretty fan-Froggen-tastic. You can follow her on Twitter.