Team Dignitas' Gamsu goes 11/0/10 in win against Team Impulse

by theScore Staff Jun 20 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Damian Estrada / theScore

Team Dignitas managed to clinch a win against Team Impulse on Saturday, thanks in part to their top laner Gamsu, who finished the 40-minute match 11/0/10.

With the kill score at 21-9, the top laner ended the game with 100 per cent kill participation.

The first Xin Zhao of the season was picked by Team Dignitas for their jungler Helios (to go against an enemy Rek'Sai), while TIP chose to secure a double-AD comp.

Though the early game progressed slowly, it allowed TIP to gain a relatively large CS advantage. But before the turn of the 12 minute, a weak invade by TIP allowed DIG to punish their opponents with a long and extended chase up the river, which let Team Dignitas shed First Blood and get another two free kills.

TIP answered with the first dragon and tower of the game, still clutching onto a slight gold lead. They got their first kill several minutes later, rotating effectively to deal a lot of turret damage going into the mid game. But at the turn of the 20-minute mark, after a beautiful reengage by DIG left the kill score in their favor at 8-2, Team Dignitas pulled ahead slightly to hit a critical power spike.

The game collapsed into chaotic team fights at this point, leaving the groups close. True to their name, Team Impulse played a turbulent style while DIG seemed to always be a step behind. But the team-fighting potential of the squad was still superior, crushing TIP in the river to take three free kills and their second dragon. Using the opportunity, DIG rushed into the Baron pit and secured the buff but gave up two kills for it.

The kill score remaining at 14-8 in the next few minutes, DIG led in gold for the first time in the match but was still behind 4-5 in turret count, instead prioritizing a second potential Baron.

But things went sour for DIG, whose Baron was stolen by TIP at the cost of a one-for-two trade.

With the timer ticking towards the late game, DIG tried again and again to engage while TIP did everything in their power to peel. But DIG still managed to make a game-ending play to break the enemy base, turret diving to take three kills and the mid inhibitor. The score at 21-9, and 40 minutes on the clock, DIG ended the game to improve to 6-2.

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