Team Dragon Knights remain winless following loss to Counter Logic Gaming

by theScore Staff Jun 20 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

After trailing for much of the game, Counter Logic Gaming pulled off a comeback to win their Saturday afternoon game against Team Dragon Knights.

Both teams went into the game with disadvantages, given that CLG's AD Carry Doublelift was playing with a hand injury that required a dozen stitches just days earlier.

CLG's opponents, TDK, are still plagued by Visa issues and were forced (for the fourth week) to play with two subs in the AD Carry and mid lane positions — but for the first time, Bischu was unable to sub in mid and Mancloud had to step in instead. Looking for their first win of the NA LCS Summer Split, the team was also unable to ban champions against their enemies, yet again.

In the early game, CLG tried to execute a gank in the bottom lane but was punished instead by TDK quickly shedding First Blood and taking another kill.

CLG's duo lane, perhaps because of the injury, quickly became the weakness of the team after giving up one-for-two just minutes later. The group tried to concentrate their power on other lanes, but TDK's sub squad was pressuring the map too well to be contested. By the 15-minute mark, TDK was ahead 5-2 in kills, 2-1 in towers and 1-0 in dragons.

TDK's play was certainly not flawless, betraying an arrogance that CLG punished in the mid game after drawing their opponents too far under towers. Having clawed their way back in, CLG tried to stall in order to build more armor.

Though still behind 6-7 in kills and 0-3 in dragons, CLG was ahead in CS and waiting to catch their enemies in a mistake. They got their wish in the 31 minute, when CLG tried a desperation Baron that ended up baiting their enemies and giving CLG five-for-three.

Finally in the lead in kills for the first time, CLG couldn't contest TDK's fourth dragon but pulled the kill score up to 15-12 in response. The violence continued after CLG managed to take the Baron, then engaged in a fight that pushed the score to 19-13 and let CLG take a 7k gold lead.

The CLG squad, knowing their team-fight advantage, forced their enemies into skirmishes that ended the game — a free ace in the enemy base let CLG melt through the mid inhibitor and shatter the blue nexus, with 24-13 kills and 38 minutes on the board.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. Her aspirations include becoming Alice Munro and learning how to gank properly. You can follow her on Twitter.