Team SoloMid triumph over Team Liquid after securing a late-game fight

by theScore Staff Jun 20 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Though trailing for most of the match, Team SoloMid managed to pull off a late-game comeback against Team Liquid Saturday to win in 42 minutes.

Team Liquid were the better team for most of the match, but a game-changing team fight at the 40 minute, at which time TL engaged onto their enemies in the jungle, let TSM score an ace at the cost of only one death — and run down the mid lane to win the match.

Both teams showed each other a lot of respect in the early game, choosing to concentrate on the jungles. Team Liquid had the more advantageous laning phase, allowing them to take a slight gold lead, the first turret of the match and a dragon. They even got First Blood 12 minutes into the game, after TSM tried (unsuccessfully) to steal their dragon.

Having traded one-for-one, the teams backed off to farm but TL came out the more dominant team, making aggressive moves to get a second kill and tower, while TSM assumed a reactionary role. But after Team Liquid lost control in a skirmish outside of the dragon pit, where the groups traded-two-for-two, TSM started to catch up in the mid game.

By the 29 minute, TSM got exactly what they wanted after a three-for-one trade left them in the lead with 8-7 kills.

TSM used the moment to get their fifth turret (versus three) thanks to their Banner of Command Alistar, taking a slight edge as well as a massive CS advantage. But TL secured their third dragon, then engaged their enemies in front of the Baron pit to take two free kills and the buff in the 38 minute.

At the turn of the 40-minute mark, TSM's minions were dealing damage to the blue base but TL prioritized getting their fourth dragon, then catching their enemies in the jungle. But TSM completely turned the fight around, scoring an ace at the cost of Lustboy's life. They rushed down the mid lane, melting the inhibitor and managing to finish the game 13-10 in 42 minutes.

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