Gravity snowball to crush Team 8

by theScore Staff Jun 20 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

From First Blood until a 33-minute desperation play that allowed Gravity to snowball and finish the game 23-7, Team 8 made several mistakes throughout their 34 minute match.

In the battle of the hooks, Gravity support player Bunny FuFuu ended the game 4/0/15 on Thresh, while T8's support Dodo8 was 1/7/4 on Nautilus.

Team 8 gave away First Blood and a second kill to Gravity after an overreaching engage in the bottom lane, about 12 minutes into the game.

Gravity kept snowballing before the mid game, getting four free kills after securing a second dragon. The score in their favor at 8-2, they melted their second tower and snagged a 5k gold lead — all thanks to their great shot calling compared to Team 8's messy moves.

In the mid game, Gravity pressured all three lanes while chipping away at turrets and denying their enemies any chances to establish vision. They snuck into the Baron pit but had to retreat, taking a kill before engaging with their enemies to get four more kills. They used the opportunity to melt the top inhibitor and a nexus turret.

By the 30-minute mark, Gravity had the kill score at 14-4, but T8 tried to sneak the Baron anyway. Gravity punished them by taking a four-for-one trade, then an uncontested Baron, pulling themselves up 10k in gold.

In a final desperation move, T8 tried to catch their opponents in the bottom lane but ended up giving up an ace (at the cost of two deaths) to Gravity.

Their Urgot dealing damage to the nexus already, Gravity left the kill score at 23-7 to end the game in almost 34 minutes.

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