Enemy eSports shred through Cloud9 to take a 35 minute win

by theScore Staff Jun 20 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of NALCS Screengrab / Riot Games

Having been allowed five dragons in their match against Cloud9 on Saturday, Enemy eSports executed several near-flawless fights that gave them an 11-3 win in 35 minutes.

Though Cloud9 almost evened out the score throughout the match, they made fatal errors in skirmishes, allowing three of their opponents to go the entire game without a death.

NME AD Carry Otter (on Jinx) managed 100 percent kill participation, ending the game at 4/0/7.

NME tried to put themselves ahead early with an uncontested dragon, but Cloud9 used the minion waves to their advantage to get a slight gold and CS advantage. However, NME was still the more aggressive team in the laning phase, and managed to shed First Blood after 12 minutes.

NME had three dragons before the 20-minute mark, resulting in a fight in the river that also gave them two-for-one. Even still, the equal (3-3) turret count and CS advantage of Cloud9 left them even in gold. But seconds later, NME also took the Tier 2 turret in the top lane, planting themselves firmly on the driver's seat.

Cloud9 tried to regain control with another kill, but they were behind 3-6 in towers at the 25-minute mark. Wanting to equalize desperately, they engaged onto their opponents in the mid lane but instead gave up four free kills after a messy fight.

NME used the opportunity to shatter the top red inhibitor, then patiently waited to bulk up in order to avoid making mistakes. Their minions dealing damage to the red nexus turret, NME poked back Cloud9 from the river and secured their Aspect of the Dragon. They then pushed up the bottom lane, trading one-for-one but having to back off.

Walking up the mid lane, NME engaged their opponents for one last fight that extended into the enemy base, giving them three kills and letting them finish the game 11-3 after 35 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.