Dry spell continues for Team Dragon Knights after loss to Team 8

by theScore Staff Jun 21 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

It took nearly 51 minutes in a back-and-froth match on Sunday for Team 8 to hand Team Dragon Knights their eighth straight loss of the NA LCS Summer Split.

Though T8 took the lead in the early and mid games, TDK executed several flawless team fights heading into the late game that gave them an advantage. But T8's better team-fighting comp regained control soon after, and the team managed to break the enemy base just in time.

A mistake by TDK early on, which saw Seraph hang onto his Flash even as he ran away from two opponents, allowed Team 8 to shed First Blood.

But T8 made mistakes of their own in the laning phase, letting TDK put themselves on the board minutes later. The pace slowed down as the players farmed, with TDK showing less reserve but evening the kills at 3-3. It was still very close in the mid game, with TDK making a few more mistakes to give up two dragons and a few more kills. By the 26 minute, after two aggressive fights, T8 took definite control of the match by taking their third dragon and pulling the kill score to 11-8.

Though both groups stopped the blood flow in the following minutes, T8 kept up control of the map and played a strategic game based on towers and dragons — the fourth of which they soon secured. Two free kills in the 34 minute let Team 8 grab the Baron buff uncontested, now leading 5k in gold.

TDK attempted an equalizer in in the river, getting two free kills after executing a much better team fight. T8 still tried to go in for their fifth dragon, but their opponents met them in a fight that gave TDK an ace (at the cost of their support's life).

They used the opportunity to get their first dragon, then rush down to melt the mid inhibitor. Now leading 15-14 in kills though behind in every other objective, TDK headed into the late game able to taste their first season win. But T8 managed to even out the kills 17-17, take their second Baron and snag another kill. TDK stopped the potential enemy Aspect of the Dragon by sneaking their second, still behind 4k in gold.

Their own inhibitor having respawned, T8 got inside the enemy base to shatter the red bottom inhibitor. They came back at the 49 minute, trading two-for-one then taking all three inhibitors. They managed to score an ace in the enemy base to leave the kill score at 24-19, ending the game in almost 51 minutes.

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