Team SoloMid finish off Gravity after a long, bloody match

by Daniel Rosen Jun 21 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Team SoloMid came out on top of what turned out to be a 47-minute slugfest against Team Gravity on Sunday.

Both teams came into the game with a 5-2 record, tied for second place in the standings. Before the game, Bjergsen told loleSports' Leah Jackson that he wasn't satisfied with his team's win against Team Liquid on Saturday, as they played better in scrims. On the flip side, Gravity came into the game knowing that they were one of the few teams to take a game off of TSM last split.

Move focused on controlling vision, and made some deep forays into TSM's jungle, but managed to go unpunished for the risky plays. Meanwhile, TSM had a little more of a defensive focus in the early game, avoiding fights until they managed to shed first blood by having Santorin and Bjergsen pin Keane, before Lustboy hopped in for the kill.

By the 10 minute mark, TSM had two kills and a 1k gold lead, but Gravity had a tower and a dragon and were continuing their aggressive play style, managing to secure a kill on Lustboy.

TSM's lead was strengthened as Bjergsen took down a turret and went into a 1v1 with Keane, guaranteeing himself a kill, while Lustboy took down Move in the top lane.

At 20 minutes, it was looking like Move's vision-focused strategy wasn't paying dividends as TSM seemed to be predicting his every move. But the tide turned just a bit during a team fight in the mid lane that led to Bjergsen and Move killing each other before the teams disengaged. Another teamfight kicked off, which gave Gravity two more kills, one on Lustboy and one on WildTurtle.

But it wasn't enough to make TSM switch up their strategy, they kept their heads down and played their methodical game, slowly pushing Gravity further and further back. TSM engaged on Baron, trying to draw out Gravity, but the bait failed as Gravity's vision strategy finally paid off. The team fight saw Hauntzer kill Lustboy and Altec kill WildTurtle, giving them their first successful team fight of the game, but wasn't enough to turn over TSM's lead.

TSM had taken the first Baron of the game as well as a wicked team fight that saw deaths on both sides and ended in complete anticlimax, as Altec was totally blind to the escaping Bjergsen which gave him the opportunity to grab a double kill on Hauntzer and Keane just a minute later.

TSM pressed their advantage, and rolled on to take down two towers, before retreating a bit to deny Gravity even more resources. It all culminated in a perfect team fight that dropped Keane and BunnyFuFuu, pushed Gravity all the way back into their base, and allowed TSM to take out an inhibitor.

TSM's lead was looking insurmountable as they entered Gravity's base again, but Gravity managed to stop their approach in its tracks as Keane perfectly predicted Santorin's teleport and gained just a little control. Unfortunately for Gravity, their victory was short lived, as TSM grabbed a third dragon, flaunting their map dominance.

But Gravity was making it look incredibly close as they managed to deal with Bjergsen sniping BunnyFuFuu then drifting to safety by having Move take down Bjergsen. This forced a rapid retreat from TSM and let Gravity snag themselves a Baron buff.

Gravity took advantage of their solid play by bringing the fight to TSM's front door, giving them some serious map control. At 40 minutes, TSM's lead was there, but incredibly slight. The bloodbath continued as a trio of Keane, Altec and Move shredded Dyrus, allowing TSM to grab their fourth dragon.

Gravity allowed WildTurtle to take an inhibitor solo in Gravity's base, as Gravity attempted to fight their way into TSM's base, failing to recall anyone and giving up their map pressure. Hauntzer attempted to initiate a teamfight by warping in, but missed his equalizer, failing to do anything and giving TSM a serious advantage.

That advantage gave way to a team fight, leading to TSM absolutely dominating the entirety of Gravity, giving them the opening to rush Gravity's base, take the nexus, and end the absolute bloodbath of a game.