Counter Logic Gaming continue their win streak by crushing Cloud9

by Daniel Rosen Jun 21 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud9 duked it out in a game with a spectacular finish, featuring milestones like the world's first nine-fingered pentakill.

Counter Logic Gaming entered their game with Cloud9 riding a three-game win streak, while Cloud9 were looking relatively weak with a 2-5 record. Additionally, Doublelift had his finger to worry about, not that it slowed him down too badly in their last game.

The match started slowly, with First Blood being shed by Xmithie and ZionSpartan. The pair managed to pin and stun Balls, before letting things return to their previously calm state.

CLG's lead was cemented just a moment later, when Xmithie and ZionSpartan killed Balls again. But the kill cost ZionSpartan his life, putting Cloud9 on the board. CLG focused heavily on top side, respecting Cloud9's presence and slowly but surely building their map pressure.

Cloud9 couldn't find a foothold to give them an advantage, and CLG just kept popping in, pressuring turrets, and popping out. But CLG made the mistake of getting into a teamfight they weren't quite ready for. Xmithie tried to put Meteos out of commission, but didn't do it fast enough. It let him hop down to the team fight proper and give Cloud9 the advantage they needed to kill ZionSpartan, tying the kills at 3-3.

CLG didn't let it deter them though. They pushed up mid lane and took a turret, and Cloud9 let them have it, avoiding a fight they didn't seem to think they could win. The teams just kept trading turrets, avoiding unnecessary engagements.

But things heated up when CLG made a strong push midlane and initiated a team fight that looked like it was going Cloud9's way. Everything turned around quick when Balls and LemonNation died to ZionSpartan, giving AphroMoo his 1000th regular season assist.

Cloud9 kept getting shown up at every turn. CLG played a defensive game, protecting Doublelift until the time was right for him to strike. It wasn't enough to deter Cloud9 though. They pressed on a team fight and took down most of CLG.

CLG moved on to engage the Baron, but were chased away quickly, deciding instead to hunt down their third dragon. Cloud9 looked confident, but CLG was clearly ahead, with 12 kills to Cloud9's 9.

Cloud 9 decided to push CLG, staring a team fight by killing Pobelter. It got bad fast though, as CLG responded by killing Meteos, Incarnati0n, and LemonNation, forcing Sneaky to limp back to base despite what looked like a strong play.

CLG pressed the lead, pushing up to Cloud9's front door. They ripped through two turrets, and dug the knife just a little deeper into Cloud9. Cloud9's defense was worn, and they made a play for their first dragon, while CLG smashed through an inhibitor.

A team fight kicked off quickly, so Cloud9 retreated back to base. But CLG over-committed to the chase, leading them to lose three members to Cloud9's defense and giving Sneaky his 500th kill. But It wasn't enough to turn the game, as CLG popped out of the bushes and hunted down LemonNation and Meteos.

Mistakes during team fights gave Coud9 the foothold they were looking for. They scored kills on half of CLG as Xmithie tried to make a serious push into their base, narrowing CLG's lead.

It wasn't narrow enough though, as CLG took advantage of Cloud9's weak defense to rush their base one last time. Their "protect Doublelift" strategy finally paid off big time as he scored a pentakill with his nine-fingered handicap to close out the game.

Daniel Rosen is a writer for the Score eSports, you can follow him on Twitter @Daniel_Rosen.