Team Impulse squeeze past Enemy eSports with Aspect of the Dragon

by theScore Staff Jun 21 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Team Impulse fought a close match against Enemy eSports on Sunday, almost losing the game with long and messy fights that saw the lead go back-and-forth.

The chaos started relatively early, with NME making an overly aggressive move in the mid lane that allowed TIP to shed First Blood. NME quickly got a kill of their own, getting away with their earlier mistake for the most part.

Despite their early error, NME came out of the fight the more dominant group. They tried to snowball in the early game, pulling the kill score to 6-4 in their favor by the 13 minute — but TIP held their own with better wave clear and dragon control.

TIP's signature chaotic style was very prone to mistakes against their aggressive opponents, who had punished TIP going into the mid game by targeting their Rumble (who was 3/5/2) and pulling the kill score to 11-6. But just two minutes later, TIP managed to take advantage of a skirmish in the river to get a four-for-one trade, their third dragon, and the Baron buff.

They came off this victory to crack open the enemy base, taking a turret with the kill score still against them 11-13. The next few minutes saw questionable plays from both groups, with the lead going back-and-forth but ultimately seeing TIP take an inhibitor and a fourth dragon though being behind 13-16 in kills.

The game was still close until TIP went in for the Baron, baiting their enemies into a fight that finally gave TIP more kills, leaving the score at 17-16.

They rushed down the mid lane to get a nexus turret, before going back to the Baron pit to meet their opponents. They traded two-for-three, then went after their potential fifth dragon. NME knew they had to contest, but couldn't stop TIP from getting Aspect of the Dragon and three more free kills. TIP ran into the blue base to end the game 23-18 after 35 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.