Team Dignitas come up big in 53-minute win over Team Liquid

by theScore Staff Jun 21 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

After a close match in which neither team led until the very last minute, Team Dignitas managed to squeeze past Team Liquid to win 20-14.

With their own base cracked, a nexus turret down and four players waiting to respawn, DIG defended their base and engaged in a fight that gave them a miracle victory.

Team Liquid secured a slight CS advantage in the laning phase, but a three-man gank in the top lane by DIG gave the group First Blood before the 10 minute mark.

DIG used their slight edge to bully their opponents in lane, surpassing them in CS — most notably 134-87 in the top lane — and gaining a gold lead by the 15 minute. They then forced their way into the dragon pit, securing a buff before taking four-for-one in the mid lane.

In the mid game, DIG kept up their aggressive ways with fearless collapses onto their opponents. Team Liquid, for their part, tried to avoid mistakes by grouping and controlling minion waves, knowing that another bad team fight would let DIG avalanche over them. But that is what DIG thought was happening, when with their second dragon, 5k gold lead and better farming, DIG got a seventh kill to let them melt through their fourth (versus two) turret.

They thought they had enough of a lead to make the call for Baron in the 33 minute, but after being chased away, they engaged in a fight that gave Team Liquid a four-for-one trade.

Shattering the mid inhibitor, TL grabbed control of the game and took the Baron buff though behind 5-8 in kills by the 36 minute. TL turned the pace in their favor, pushing in every lane to take their second inhibitor and eighth turret (versus four).

At the 40-minute mark, TL was dancing around the enemy base but backed off to get their second Baron. All DIG inhibitors had respawned by this point, which the group took advantage of by hiding in the mid lane to engage in a fight that gave them five-for-two. They used this to secure an inhibitor and their fourth dragon.

The kill score in their favor at 15-9 after another fight, DIG's Gamsu split pushed to take a second inhibitor while his team secured their first Baron. They punched down the mid lane but it ended up being the wrong call, allowing Team Liquid to get four kills and break the enemy base.

But DIG contested just in time, throwing the game into chaos as players chased each other down. In the end, DIG had the advantage, and managed to get to the enemy base in time to finish the game 20-14 after 53 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. Her entire life — emotions, mainly — depends on Canada winning the women's FIFA World Cup. You can follow her on Twitter.