Team ROCCAT crushes the Copenhagen Wolves

by theScore Staff Jun 25 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Successful ganks, better picks and an objective-focused game were the secrets to Team ROCCAT's snowball win against the Copenhagen Wolves on Thursday.

CW's tanky lineup couldn't group in time to pull off equalizing fights after ROCCAT got an early lead, leaving CW 2-7 in the EU LCS Summer Split.

For the Copenhagen Wolves, Ilyas "Shook" Hartsema played in the jungle after Airwaks announced he was leaving the team.

ROCCAT prioritized a peel and disengage comp with Ekko (Steve's first of the summer), Gragas, Varus, Kalista and Janna. The Wolves ran Maokai, Rek'Sai, Cassiopeia, Sivir and Alistar — an all-aggressive, tanky lineup meant for team fights.

It took six minutes for CW to shed First Blood, taking down nukeduck in the mid lane.

ROCCAT answered almost immediately with a kill of their own in the top lane. The bloodshed continued in the laning phase, with the teams trading kills and objectives to leave ROCCAT slightly in the lead with 6-3 kills in the 15 minute.

The early game was in favor of ROCCAT, who played a much better match than usual with aggressive ganks and committed team fights. They started to snowball against their reactive opponents, who crumbled in skirmishes despite their tanky lineup. Things only went from bad to worse for CW, who were behind 6k in gold, 3-10 kills and 0-4 towers at the 20-minute mark.

ROCCAT's biggest success was perhaps in their ability to separate their enemies. Unable to group with their Sivir, the huge deficit got to CW by the mid game, when even seemingly advantageous collapses backfired against them.

ROCCAT had slowed the pace by 29 minutes, turning their attention to Baron instead. They secured the buff before CW swooped into the pit, engaging them in a fight that gave CW four free kills.

Though the worth of the Baron was questionable, ROCCAT was still leading in kills 13-9 and hung onto a massive lead in all other objectives (they were up 5-1 in turrets). After the 30-minute mark, they broke the enemy base to shatter the mid and bottom inhibitors. By 35 minutes, they destroyed the only remaining inhibitor, took their second Baron and several more kills. With the score at 20-10, ROCCAT ended the game in 38 minutes.

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