Giants Gaming make a mid-game comeback to beat the Unicorns of Love

by theScore Staff Jun 25 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Their early lead slid out of their hands in the mid game, when the Unicorns of Love made the fatal error of giving Giants Gaming a Baron that they turned into a win on Thursday.

Though the Unicorns managed to snag Aspect of the Dragon, the Giants scored an ace in the late game to finish the match, though they were behind in kills.

The pick and bans phase was interesting on both sides, with the first Wukong going in jungle (for Giants), Shyvana on top (for Giants) and Syndra in mid (for Unicorns).

A textbook gank in the bottom lane allowed the Unicorns' Syndra to get First Blood.

Over the next few minutes and going into the mid game, the Unicorns grew a slight lead but the Giants tried to answer with objectives — and though the Unicorns were leading 6-2 in kills after 24 minutes, they were only leading 2k in gold.

At the 30-minute mark, the Unicorns were still ahead but soon made the awful mistake of giving Baron to the Giants. In the ensuing fight, UOL traded two-for-one but lost the momentum at a crucial turning point in the match.

The Unicorns led 9-4 in kills, but they lost control of the game and looked to gain it back with Aspect of the dragon, having taken four of the buffs already. The fight came before the dragon respawned, trading three-for-three yet leaving the Giants ahead. The group tore through the blue mid inhibitor, but it didn't stop their opponents from securing Aspect of the Dragon anyway.

Leading 14-8 in kills but barely hanging onto the game, the Unicorns cleared their base before diving into the Baron pit. In the chaos that followed, the Giants dominated a fight to score a free ace. With the kill score still against them 13-14, and their dead enemies still equipped with Aspect of the Dragon, the Giants won the game in 42 minutes.

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