Origen snowballs to dominate over Gambit Gaming 20-3

by theScore Staff Jun 25 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Origen once again proved their superiority after beating Gambit Gaming 20-3 in almost 36 minutes on Thursday.

Though Origen started the game timidly, they planted themselves firmly in the driver's seat after securing their first dragon. With perfect ganks and a hyper-aggressive style that Gambit couldn't keep up with, they tore through objectives and fights that left their AD Carry Niels (on Kalista) 9/0/6 by the end of the match.

Both lineups were quite interesting, though Gambit's was perhaps more unconventional — and put Taric in as support.

Though both teams traded punches in the early game, neither group was able to execute any successful ganks. Instead, they concentrated on poking turrets and farming, with Origen taking down the first turret of the match.

After nine minutes, Gambit turret dove to secure the gold and glory of First Blood against the enemy Rek'Sai. But they gave up a kill of their own just seconds later to Origen's midlaner.

The absolute dominance of Origen, which colored all of their games earlier on in the season, was largely missing in the laning phase. It took them until the 16 minute mark and their first dragon to show their signature aggression, collapsing onto opponents and dancing through the jungle to make the score 3-1 in kills and 3-2 in towers — finally pulling themselves ahead.

Now showing more confidence and violence, Origen started to punish the mistakes of their out-of-position enemies going into the mid game. Gambit fought valiantly, evening the turret count and forcing their opponents to slow down. But as the timer ticked away, Gambit's mid-game-centric team needed to get ahead and tried to do so with the Baron — but Origen came in to take four free kills and the buff.

Now ahead 5k in gold and 9-1 in kills, with two dragons and a Baron, Origen had absolute control of the game. They grouped in the bottom lane to break the enemy base 27 minutes in, melting through an inhibitor and a nexus turret. They came back a few minutes later to trade four-for-one to take the top inhibitor.

Origen backed off to descend on the Baron pit, chasing away their enemies before getting their second buff. Another perfect fight gave Origen three-for-one, and with all red inhibitors destroyed, the group ended the game 20-3 in almost 36 minutes.

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