Elements win back-and-forth game against SK Gaming

by theScore Staff Jun 25 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

The winner of Thursday's last game wasn't clear until 54 minutes in, when Elements scored an ace and their second Baron before ending the game behind 15-17 in kills.

Both groups made very questionable calls throughout the match, which was really close for the most part.

Elements went into the game with a roster change, having put Nyph in the bottom lane. Over the past few months, Nyph, Krepo, PromisQ (and now Nyph again) have cycled through the position for the team.

Elements managed to shed First Blood with a nice gank in the bottom lane, where they took down the enemy Sivir after six minutes.

In the early game, the groups were quite equal in their successes and mistakes, but Elements showed themselves to be overly ambitious. By the 20-minute mark, SK was up 3-2 in kills, 2-0 in dragons and 2-1 in towers — but they became the overextending group, giving up two kills in the bottom lane. After SK evened up the kill score 4-4, the mid game became too close to give either team the lead.

35 minutes in, SK took the lead by scoring four kills, allowing them to take the Baron buff at the cost of one death. With the kill score in their favor at 8-5 and with a 4k gold lead, they rotated through the map and broke the enemy base to get the mid inhibitor.

Ahead 6k in gold and 12-5 in kills, SK went into the late game looking to finish the match. They forced their way into the enemy base to get a second inhibitor, but misjudged their power when they met their enemies close to the Baron. Elements rallied to get four free kills, which let them secure the Baron and a third dragon.

Behind 9-13 in kills and 4k in gold, Elements took another kill before knocking at the enemy door to take the mid inhibitor. They tried to take the bottom, but gave up four kills to SK. SK's top laner, in the meantime, took a red nexus turret but had to recall after Elements destroyed two blue inhibitors.

About 54 minutes in, Elements managed to take their second Baron before scoring a free ace in the ensuing fight. The kill score against them at 15-17, Elements ended the game in 55 minutes.

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