Fnatic breaks record with 10-0 streak after comeback win against Gambit Gaming

by theScore Staff Jun 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Fnatic used the earliest Baron (at 21 minutes) of the season to defeat Gambit Gaming 20-14 despite Gambit's early lead, leaving Fnatic with Europe's longest summer win streak ever at 10-0.

The game was largely a battle of the mid laners, with Fnatic's Febiven (on Jayce) finishing at 9/2/6, while Betsy, who had a stellar performance in the early game, finished 7/5/2 on Azir.

Though Gambit made great calls in the early and mid game, Fnatic secured their signature early Baron to turn the pace around, planting themselves in the driver's seat and taking the kill lead at 28 minutes.

Gambit secured small advantages in the early game, then made a great call at the 10-minute mark to execute a violent gank in the top lane. They got First Blood against the enemy AD Carry, which translated into another immediate kill and the first tower.

Gambit showed very confident play following their early successes, giving them a 4-2 kill and 3-2 tower advantage by 16 minutes. Fnatic was determined, exploding with aggression and making smart calls going into the mid game. They opened up the map, keeping up in gold thanks to their CS advantage, then secured the Baron buff only 21 minutes in — the fastest of the season.

Still behind 5-8 in kills, they pushed up the bottom lane but gave Gambit a four-for-two in the ensuing clash.

Fnatic still seemed to be in control, cutting up the mid lane to take two free kills and their first uncontested dragon. By 28 minutes, they managed to pull themselves in the lead after a four-for-one trade left them 14-13. They used the opportunity to melt the red mid inhibitor, now up 3k in gold.

The bloodshed continued, now in favor of Fnatic, after the 30 minute. Fnatic took their second Baron uncontested, then went back to the bottom lane to get three free kills. They laid waste to the red base, taking all inhibitors, before making the final push to end the game 21-14 in 36 minutes.

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