Team ROCCAT secures quickest Baron of the season in victory against Unicorns of Love

by theScore Staff Jun 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Team ROCCAT won in convincing fashion against the Unicorns of Love on Friday, ignoring early kills from their opponents and concentrating instead on objectives that let them snowball to take the game after 34 minutes.

They managed to break the record for fastest Baron secured this EU LCS Summer Split, which Fnatic set in the first game of the day in almost 22 minutes. Once they had their Baron buff 21 minutes into the match, ROCCAT couldn't be stopped, and poked their opponents down to win 14-7 kills.

ROCCAT shed First Blood very early on, after Jankos invaded the enemy jungle to catch Kikis after only three minutes.

The Unicorns pulled off an easy gank to get a kill of their own, before getting three more kills going into the mid game. By this time, ROCCAT was keeping up in objectives and leading in CS. They exploded onto their opponents to get four free kills — giving them the Baron at the turn of 21 minutes.

Now, substantially ahead with powerful minions and a siege comp, ROCCAT shoved up the mid lane to get four free kills and an inhibitor. They rotated through the lanes, dominating the jungle, and got the final Tier 2 turret before 27 minutes.

Leading 9-4 in kills and 10k in gold, ROCCAT snagged their second Baron before taking two free kills and two inhibitors in the ensuing fight. They overextended to give up three kills, but were too far ahead to be stopped, and ended the game 14-7 after 34 minutes.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. You can follow her on Twitter.