Origen wins against the Copenhagen Wolves with better objective control

by theScore Staff Jun 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

Origen played a clean and controlled 32-minute game on Friday, beating the Copenhagen Wolves ahead 10-1 in kills after an objective-focused match.

The only person to suffer a death on the Origen squad was their mid laner, xPeke.

Origen chose a triple-threat composition that also had some disengage, while the Wolves prioritized hard engage and put Rengar in jungle. Ultimately, CW's lineup was too short-ranged, and Origen monopolized objectives and stayed away from messy skirmishes to slowly suffocate CW.

Copenhagen Wolves got the glory of First Blood before the turn of the eighth minute with a collapse onto xPeke in the mid lane.

CW got another quick kill following their first, but they were falling behind in CS and vision, which allowed Origen to get the first dragon uncontested only nine minutes into the match. They quickly took control away from their opponents, taking three kills and a second dragon before the 15-minute mark.

Playing a slow and steady style, Origen took their third dragon 21 minutes in. Both groups were too controlled to give up much in the mid game, but Origen pierced through to take a fourth kill and the Baron. They had taken all Tier 1 and 2 towers at this point, having only given up two, and went knocking at the enemy door to shatter the mid inhibitor.

Origen looped around to peck down the bottom inhibitor, having pulled the kills to 10-1, and ended the game after almost 32 minutes.

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