SK Gaming take down H2k-Gaming in long but steady match

by theScore Staff Jun 26 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Riot Games

SK Gaming's rough start of the season was all but forgotten in their game against H2k-Gaming on Friday, when the group got 19-9 kills, Aspect of the Dragon and an Ace to end the match after 45 minutes.

H2K started off the match looking less in sync than their opponents, who shed First Blood against Loulex nine minutes into the game. A consistent CS advantage and another kill left SK leading 2k in gold before the 15-minute mark. H2K then sought to contest SK's second dragon, and pulled off the steal, but at the cost of their top laner and a tower.

Down 5k in gold, H2K displayed some of their signature certainty in the mid game by chasing their enemies through the jungle to put themselves on the board by taking two kills.

Fearing a comeback from their opponents, SK desperately clawed at any chance to get themselves ahead — which saw them capitalizing on the mistakes of H2K to get a fifth kill (versus two) and and a fifth tower (versus two).

H2K managed to slow the blood flow enough to regain vision and jungle control, though they were still significantly behind in CS. After 30 minute in, SK got their third dragon, still leading 7-4 in kills. H2K was the more controlling team, determining the pace of the game and halting what had seemed like an SK snowball. Outside of the Baron pit, an extended fight gave H2K a four-for-three and the chance at Baron — which SK successfully stole.

In the chaos, SK took another kill, confident in having stopped H2K's comeback. With their powerful purple minions pooling at the towers, SK pushed down to get their seventh turret (versus four), an inhibitor, their 12 kills (versus 8), and their fourth dragon.

Ahead 6k in gold, SK went into the late game knocking at the enemy door. They traded two-for-one at the turn of the 40-minute mark, which also gifted them the bottom inhibitor. 42 minutes in, SK managed to snag their fifth dragon in front of their opponents' eyes. Equipped with Aspect of the Dragon, they took a free ace in the ensuing clash.

SK rushed down the mid lane to tear through the blue nexus and ended the game 19-9 at the 45 minute mark.

Farnia Fekri is a staff writer for theScore eSports. She is sadly, desperately, permanently rooting for the Toronto Maple Leafs. You can follow her on Twitter.