Gravity takes down Team Impulse after a bloody, 43-minute game

by Daniel Rosen Jun 27 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch / Twtich

Gravity looked weak at the beginning of their game against Team Impulse, but managed to claw their way back into the match and shed as much Impulse blood as they could before taking their opponent's Nexus.

Both teams started the game in similar fashion, sending four members to destroy a turret while Keane and XiaoWeiXiao danced around each other in the mid lane. The perfectly mirrored match stopped when Hauntzer failed to vacate his turret before Apollo, Rush, and Impact pinned him and shed First Blood.

But the teams quickly settled back into their pattern of equalizing and copying each other rather than looking to deny resources and press advantages. Ten minutes into the game and everything was still perfectly even aside from the one kill in Impulse's favor.

Both teams were looking for the same thing, with members moving in and out looking to flank the other side and kick off a team fight. It finally happened for Impulse when they took an aggressive play by Keane and turned it into three kills on him, Move and Altec.

Impulse and Gravity were playing a very subdued game that focused on farming rather than making any aggressive plays. Impulse continued to captialize on Gravity's little mistakes though, as Keane overextended himself, and was chased back up the map and killed by most of Impulse.

Keane's death let Impulse go after the dragon, but Gravity pushed back and initiated a team fight that dropped Rush, Apollo and Adrian. Just moments later, Impulse swung back by getting their revenge on Hauntzer and Keane, putting them back in the lead.

Impulse was living up to their name, forgoing trinkets and wards and going into nearly every scenario on blind impulse and somehow coming out on top. Impulse stumbled into a team fight that ended in a two-for-two trade that lost them Impact and Apollo, but gave them kills on Hauntzer and Keane yet again.

Impulse tried pressing their advantage by going after Baron, but Gravity wasn't going to let them go unchecked. They initiated the first full-team team fight of the game, which looked bad when Rush killed Move. However, it turned around quick, as Altec brought down Impact and Adrian which forced Impulse to limp away, and put Gravity back in the game.

The loss seemed to force Impulse into an aggressive strategy, initiating another team fight in the mid lane that ended in a three-for-three trade. Gravity was slowly forcing their way back into the game.

Impulse went back to the Baron, and baited out Keane, who was chased down and killed. Gravity didn't let it deter them for trying to deny the baron though, losing a team fight that lost them everyone but Move, who somehow managed to snipe XiaoWeiXiao, stopping Impulse in their tracks.

Impulse finally secured the Baron, but Gravity rushed them down and took down all of Impulse aside from XiaoWeiXiao. Gravity pressed the advantage and pushed into the blue base, ripping through turrets and taking the game from behind.

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