Team Liquid shreds Counter Logic Gaming in a one-sided game

by Daniel Rosen Jun 27 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Team Liquid beat the top team in the North American LCS, all thanks to some incredible plays by Fenix.

The game started with Xmithie making a big mistake, going too deep towards the turret and letting Quas kill him, putting CLG down in kills, gold and experience not even five minutes into the game.

Presumably realizing they couldn't afford risky plays in this match up, CLG slowed the game down, and refused to let Team Liquid's lead snowball. Team Liquid didn't let the stall go on too long, and trapped Xmithie between IWDominate and Fenix, killing him again.

Team Liquid was looking dominant, and managed to bring down ZionSpartan, which opened Fenix up to kill Pobelter, after punishing a bad dive from CLG. CLG got themselves the first dragon in response, but it wasn't enough to turn the game.

CLG's high execution team couldn't get any plays going, as Team Liquid's strong lane control pressured them into passivity. Meanwhile, Team Liquid decided to press into the CLG's territory, as they took their third turret to solidify their lead.

But Team Liquid may have gotten too confident, as they pushed for a turret and lost a team fight to CLG. It looked like they could turn Team Liquid's lead around, but Fenix went solo against four members of CLG and secured himself an amazing Quadra Kill.

Team Liquid proceeded to push into the red base, and secured an inhibitor before the thirty-minute mark. While the fights were close, CLG looked weak, and Team Liquid ran circles around them.

CLG initiated another hail-mary team fight, and got themselves a double kill, but Fenix came out of nowhere to secure a triple kill and the ace, which essentially ended the game

Team Liquid had the momentum and went for the Nexus, with MVP Fenix in tow, taking CLG down after an incredibly dominant game.

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