Team SoloMid bring down Team 8 despite a mistake-filled game

by Daniel Rosen Jun 27 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

After an early deficit, Team SoloMid managed to triumph over Team 8 in a game that saw WildTurtle go 7/1/2 on Kalista.

The game started explosively, as TSM dove for a turret, but Team 8 read them like a book. CaliTrlolz8 took out Lustboy for First Blood, and followed it up by killing Dyrus, giving Team 8 a very early lead.

The early kill drove TSM into passivity, which let Goldenglue kill Bjergsen and secure a serious advantage. At 10 minutes, Team 8 led with three kills, a dragon, and 2k gold.

TSM made headway soon after, when they took a turret and scared CaliTrlolz8 back towards his base. Team 8 tried to capitalize on their advantage to fight their second dragon, but peeled away quick to deal with TSM's defense. Dodo8 took down Bjergsen, but WildTurtle got revenge fast and killed both Dodo8 and CaliTrlolz8.

Entering the mid game, Team 8 pushed forward by taking their second turret to open up the map. But TSM seemed confident in their control, and entered into a team fight. When the dust settled, Team 8 burned off tons of mana to kill Lustboy, as Dyrus secured TSM's third turret.

Team 8's lead shrank with every play TSM made, but they were still ahead. Lustboy sniped Dodo8, which put him out of commission when TSM went for Baron. Team 8 tried to deny, but WildTurtle stuck close to the Baron and used it to help the team take out Porpoise8 and Dodo8 again, before killing the Baron to boot.

TSM pressed their advantage, and pushed into Team 8's base. It cost them Bjergsen, but WildTurtle destroyed an inhibitor and pushed Team 8 onto their back foot. TSM proceeded to take their first dragon, and snowball their slight advantage into a serious lead.

Thirty minutes in, TSM was 6k ahead in gold, 9-7 in kills, with six turrets down. TSM got pushed into a chokepoint, and WildTurtle suffered his first death of the match, but Dyrus wisely stayed away from the team fight and pushed further ahead. He almost took another turret and forced Team 8 to retreat yet again.

The retreat didn't last long though, as Team 8 pushed down on the map and managed to secured their fourth dragon. TSM went for a second baron, but without the map control, Bjergsen was forced to zone Team 8 out as they got the kill.

The endgame kicked off with a bang when WildTurtle burst into Team 8's base and shredded through their defense. Team 8 needed a fifth dragon, but they couldn't manage to even get out of their base.

TSM pushed into Team 8's base from every lane, and they didn't know where to look. Team 8 tried to engage, as Porpoise 8 dove for WildTurtle. It wasn't enough to kill though, and cost him his life, which let WildTurtle jump back into the base, net a double kill and take the nexus.