Cloud9 stomps Team Dragon Knights in a dominat win

by Daniel Rosen Jun 27 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Both Team Dragon Knights (TDK) and Cloud9 came into their match low in the standings, but it was Cloud9 that came out on top.

Things started off quickly as Lattman and Smoothie engaged with LemonNation and Sneaky, but despite heavy damage from Sneaky, Cloud9 couldn't quite shed first blood yet.

The first kill instead came when Meteos and LemonNation trapped Smoothie just a few minutes later in the exact same spot, and gave Sneaky the kill he was looking for.

Cloud9 kept pressuring TDK, as LeamonNation and Meteos invaded their jungle and dropped some wards down before a team fight kicked off. Balls went down, but Cloud9 killed Lattman and Kez, putting Cloud9 3-1 in kills and 2k gold ahead.

Cloud9 secured the first dragon, but Mancloud killed Kez in response. Balls chased down Mancloud after slowing him down, and showed that Cloud9 wouldn't give TDK any room to breathe.

Sneaky baited TDK out, but flashed away and let the rest of his team trap Smoothie, Lattman and Kez. The kills gave Cloud 9 serious map control and let them take their second dragon completely uncontested.

Cloud9's numbers kept on growing, with seven kills, a 4k gold lead, and two dragons, but their pressure didn't slow. They moved their control of the map over to the Baron, and baited TDK into traps, which led to kills on Lattman and Smoothie.

Cloud 9 brought the aggression to the top lane for a three-on-four, ended with a triple kill from Balls, after chasing him halfway down the lane.

Cloud 9's lead looked unstoppable, with 13 kills to TDK's 4. They finally went for the Baron they'd been ignoring for most of the game. Meteos knocked it down before TDK could react.

TDK pushed back as much as they could, but Cloud9 steamrolled their way into the red base. TDK managed to line up their defenses though, and put Cloud 9 on the retreat.

A team fight quickly ensued, as TDK looked strong when Mancloud took out Sneaky. But Cloud 9 bit back and killed Lattman and Smoothie. The kills kept coming, leaving only Kez, Seraph, Meteos and Incarnati0n alive as the teams disengaged.

TDK finally won their first team fight of the match shortly after, but it was a small step forward, with only a kill on Meteos after a drawn-out battle. Meanwhile, Cloud9 played it slow, and looked like they were waiting for the fifth dragon.

But TDK wanted the momentum, and kicked off a team fight that went south fast. Cloud9 brought down four members of TDK, leaving Seraph to flee as Cloud9 rushed the base, and took the nexus.