Team Dignitas triumphs over Enemy eSports in a quick 29-minute game

by Daniel Rosen Jun 27 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twtich / Twitch

Team Dignitas cooked up a win over Enemy eSports, and brought themselves into a three-way tie for first place in the summer split.

Dignitas started the game off very slowly, and avoided any direct confrontations with Enemy eSports. First Blood wasn't shed until the 10 minute mark, when Gamsu hunted down Flaresz and took him down. The kill didn't go unavenged though, as Enemy eSports' turret killed Gamsu for his trouble.

Enemy eSports responded by trying to take a turret, but Gamsu once again stepped in to support his teammates. He brought down two more members of Enemy eSports, which opened up Dignitas to take the first dragon.

Dignitas entered the mid game with a lead, and their play style quickly shifted to aggression. They pressured the mid lane and took a turret while Enemy eSports tried to muster a response.

Slowly but surely, the gap between Dignitas and Enemy widened. Enemy eSports tried to engage the second dragon, but Dignitas pushed them off and though they suffered two losses in the team fight, KiWiKiD and Gamsu managed to kill Innox and Bodydrop before they grabbed the dragon.

Dignitas methodically applied pressure to every part of the map, hitting turrets as they avoided any serious losses in team fights. Enemy eSports went for the blue buff, but Dignitas responded in turn and forced a deadly team fight.

Gamsu killed Trashy, before CoreJJ secured a triple kill on Flaresz, otter and Bodydrop, pushing Enemy eSports further back, which turned Dignitas' snowballing lead into an avalanche.

Dignitas went on to slay the Baron, which Enemy eSports failed to challenge. It gave Dignitas the momentum to run straight up the mid lane and force a recall from Enemy eSports. The defense managed to get Dignitas to retreat, but Enemy eSports looked weak heading into the endgame.

Dignitas pressed into the red base once more, and ripped through the midlane turret. The clean lane let them press the advantage and destroy Enemy eSports' defense. Dignitas killed every single member of the team before they took the nexus.

Daniel Rosen is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.