Gravity beats Team Liquid after a slow, grueling game

by Daniel Rosen Jun 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Gravity managed to triumph over Team Liquid, after playing a close, methodical game that went on for almost an hour.

Gravity started the game off slowly, but managed to take the first dragon and a turret before First Blood was shed.

With that being said, First Blood didn't come until almost 20 minutes into the game, when Gravity went for the second dragon, and Team Liquid took the opportunity to kick off a team fight. The very late first kill went to FeniX, who managed to down BunnyFuFuu before Gravity secured the dragon.

The late start gave way for Team Liquid to start racking up kills, as they dropped Hauntzer and Altec. However, Gravity's two dragons and map control meant it wasn't much of a lead. Dragon three went to Team Liquid, but both teams played the team fight that ensued safe enough to come out with no deaths.

Team Liquid grabbed the fourth dragon, right before Gravity finally got a kill when IWillDominate went down to Altec. The increased map control let Gravity take out two more turrets, which put Team Liquid in a bad spot.

The teams continued to play it safe, and avoided big plays until Hauntzer made a wild push to flank Team Liquid. The offensive failed, as FeniX killed Move, but Keane got his vengance when he killed FeniX and gave Gravity the opening to siege the red base and take out an inhibitor turret.

Gravity quickly gave up on the methodical play and initiated another team fight. Piglet took out Hauntzer which forced Gravity to disengage quickly and go for the game's fifth dragon.

Team Liquid tried pinning Hauntzer, but his team quickly came to his aid and turned the situation around. Gravity killed Quas and IWillDominate then made a push for the Baron. Gravity secured the buff, and even went a step further to rush Team Liquid's base and take out an inhibitor.

Yet another team fight went Gravity's way, as they pushed Team Liquid back into their base, killed Quas and FeniX, and took out their second inhibitor. The early, methodical Gravity gave way entirely to a more headstrong strategy, as Hauntzer rushed Team Liquid, led his team into base and died to Team Liquid's defense.

But it wasn't enough to deter Gravity, as they pushed through, took the last inhibitor and made a final push into the nexus, taking the game after a slow, grueling start.

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