Team Impulse destroys Cloud9 in a high-speed slugfest

by Daniel Rosen Jun 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twtich

Cloud9 fell quickly to Team Impact's blood lust in a sub-30 minute game that saw Impact secure two aces.

Team Impulse started the game by going for the jugular immediately, as Impact killed Incarnati0n in less than five minutes. Impulse quickly racked up a gold lead and an early turret, and looked very strong in the early game.

But that quick lead failed to speed up the game. Cloud9 seemed content to slowly farm before they brought the entire team on to the mid lane and let LemonNation throw out his ultimate to kill XiaoWeiXiao, which evened out the scoreboard.

Cloud9 was quickly thwarted though. Impact secured three more kills, on Balls, Meteos and LemonNation, while Cloud9 responded by pushing the bottom lane and got a second turret for their trouble.

Impact wasn't content to leave it at that though. Cloud9 pushed deeper in the mid lane, and kicked off a team fight that ended with Rush knocking out Sneaky and LemonNation. Rush's kills opened up the map and forced Cloud9 into a defensive strategy they would be stuck in for the rest of the game.

Cloud9 couldn't find a foothold to pull off the elaborate team combos their composition was designed for. Team Impact on the other hand, had serious vision and map control as the mid-game kicked off.

Team Impulse decided it was time to bring the battle to their downed opponents and started a team fight underneath a red turret. The turret wasn't enough to save Cloud 9 though, as they lost Balls, Incarnati0n, Sneaky, and LemonNation, along with their turret.

Team Impulse pressed their advantaged and secured the Baron buff, before fearlessly marching back up to Cloud9's base. Impact, Rush and Apollo massacred Cloud 9 and got the Ace, all underneath Cloud9's inhibitor turrets.

But that wasn't enough for Team Impact. They charged Cloud9's base one last time, got another Ace and shredded every last defense the red base had before they took the nexus, and handed Cloud9 yet another loss.

Daniel Rosen is a writer for theScore eSports. You can follow him on Twitter.