Bjergsen's commanding Azir shreds through Counter Logic Gaming

by Daniel Rosen Jun 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Counter Logic Gaming went down to Team SoloMid after a decidedly one-sided game that made CLG look a lot weaker than their performance this split would suggest.

TSM got off to an explosive start, as WildTurtle secured First Blood on Xmitihie less than one minute into the game.

The teams quickly traded turrets, but TSM's early kill put them ahead in gold, and they widened the lead by taking a top lane turret. CLG didn't let them get too far ahead though, as DoubleLift used his ultimate to surprise and kill WildTurtle, evening out the kills.

CLG moved to take the first dragon, but TSM fought back. CLG may have gotten the dragon, but they lost ZionSpartan and Pobelter after a vicious team fight.

TSM maintained their strong map control in the mid-game with wards, but two out of their three deaths came from failing to respect DoubleLift's ultimates, and CLG wasn't too far behind in kills, turrets or gold.

But TSM looked strong as they pushed back the mid-lane and took another turret. They used their advantage to go for the Baron before CLG pushed them off with DoubleLift and aphromoo.

CLG challenged the third dragon, and TSM looked like they were going to deny when Lustboy dove in deep to slow them down. The rest of his team backed away though, and left him to die alone before CLG secured their second dragon.

CLG didn't stop their push with just that. Pobelter managed to walk down the mid-lane and snag a blue turret. TSM reconsidered their strategy and decided to play agressively. TSM jumped CLG, and managed to kill Doublelift and Xmithie. They lost Bjergsen in the process, but it was just enough breathing room to let them secure the Baron, and take down Pobelter in the process.

Team SoloMid used the Baron buff to run right up to CLG's base and knock down the doors. WildTurtle killed Xmithie and ZionSpartan, and gave his team the opportunity to take out even more turrets, before they rushed back down to slay their second dragon.

TSM just kept pushing CLG back, and took out their seventh turret and essentially trapped CLG in their base. WildTurtle and Santorin ripped through ZionSpartan and Xmithie once again, giving Dyrus the opportunity to take out their second inhibitor turret.

That was the nail in CLG's coffin, as TSM sieged their base one last time. Bjergsen managed a double kill on DoubleLift and aphromoo before leading his team to take the nexus.

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