Team 8 recruits Baron to help secure win over Enemy eSports

by Daniel Rosen Jun 28 2015
Thumbnail image courtesy of Twitch

Enemy eSports may have gotten Aspect of the Dragon, but it wasn't nearly enough to hold off Team 8, who secretly drafted Baron Nashor to lead them to victory.

Dodo8 started the game on the right foot, with a kill on Innox for First Blood at the seven minute-mark. Enemy eSports tied it up quickly though, with Flaresz popping his ult to help Otter knock out Porpoise8, and gave his team the space to kill their first dragon.

Enemy eSports made an early play for the second dragon, but Team 8 answered with a messy team fight. Bodydrop killed Nien immediately, but Dodo8 quickly responded by killing Trashy before GoldenGlue killed Flaresz and sent Enemy eSports packing.

Another team fight quickly kicked off, which saw the teams trading supports before they disengaged. At the twenty minute mark, Team 8 was leading 7-6 in kills and 3-2 in turrets, with a 2k gold advantage, but Enemy eSports wouldn't give in. They had both dragons, and prepared for a third.

Enemy eSports took a bottom-lane turret and grabbed Trashy for their trouble. The jump gave Enemy eSports a slight lead, with the advantage in dragons and a dead tie everywhere else.

Both teams started back up quickly after a six-minute pause, as Enemy eSports went for their third dragon, while Team 8 tried and failed to sneak a baron. Enemy eSports went deep on the mid-lane. Bodydrop got a Double Kill on Porpoise8 and Dodo8 as his team took a turret, and then killed Baron unchallenged.

Enemy eSports pushed further and knocked on the door to Team 8's base, but pulled back before they dealt any serious damage. Instead, they went for their fourth dragon, getting just a little closer to that win condition.

The teams dove into another team fight, which cost Enemy eSports Bodydrop and Flaresz, while Team 8 only lost Porpoise8 in yet another messy battle.

Enemy eSports tried to come back by challenging the Baron, but Team 8 forced them onto the defense, and into the mid-lane. Team 8's low damage output meant they couldn't get the Baron for themselves before another fight kicked off. They knocked down Flaresz, pushed Enemy eSports away, and pressured the Baron again.

Enemy eSports went in for the fight once more, and ripped through Team 8, knocking down CalilTrlolz8 and GoldenGlue. It forced Team 8 back into base, and gave Enemy eSports the space to secure Aspect of the Dragon.

Enemy eSports decided to use the buff to siege the blue base, and took the top lane inhibitor before they retreated to secure Baron. But a fight by Baron turned sour when Nashor revealed his true team colors and sniped Otter.

Both teams pushed back and forth and invaded each other's bases multiple times, but Aspect of the Dragon wasn't enough to beat out Baron Nashor's favor.

In yet another disastrous team fight, Enemy eSports opened themselves up to have their base sieged. Then, after securing an Ace inside of the Enemy eSports Base, Team 8 marched on the Nexus and took the game.